美金 : $9,999.99
公司 : Upper Deck
货号 : SKU77841
限量 : 100

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But you know better."They" obviously never eyed the essence of Muhammad Ali, MichaelJordan, and Tiger Woods illuminating a triple-autographed mixed-medium print. Aportrayal of these Legends of Sport (produced by an award-winning atelier mindyou) is worth so much more than words — or what one actually pays for it really.Placed on P-Velvet archival paper with hand-torn deckled edges tucked carefullyunder UV resistant Plexiglas and museum-quality framing, this colossal 58 x 33inch curio is scribed with a trifecta of sports' most sought signatures. And itwas commissioned just for you. Well, you and 99 of your closestexclusive-collecting counterparts of course. You see, we only made 100 of theseworldwide. So go ahead, let all the rest think a picture is worth a thousandwords. Because when they finally see this on your wall, well… they'll bespeechless. Just resist the urge to say "I told you so".